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Welcome to Summer’s Walk Neighborhood Driving Tour in Fisher’s Landing, Vancouver! In this video, brought to you by Living in Vancouver & Camas Washington, we’ll take you on a virtual journey through this charming neighborhood. Fisher’s Landing offers a fantastic place to live with its abundance of trees, parks, front porches, and convenient access to stores and freeways. If you’re considering a move to Southwest Washington, or even just curious about the area, we’d love to hear from you. Join us as we explore Summer’s Walk and discover why it’s such a popular and beloved neighborhood in Fisher’s Landing.

Location of Summer’s Walk

Location within Fisher’s Landing

Summer’s Walk is a neighborhood located within the Fisher’s Landing area of Vancouver, WA. Fisher’s Landing is known for its beautiful trees, parks, and front porches, making it a wonderful place to live.

Proximity to grocery stores, amenities, and major roads

One of the advantages of living in Summer’s Walk is its proximity to various amenities. Residents of the neighborhood can easily walk to the nearby Fred Meyer Grocery Store, as well as other establishments along 164th Avenue. In terms of transportation, it only takes about five minutes to drive to Sr 14 and approximately 10 minutes to drive to I-205, making it convenient for commuters and those who need to access major roads.

Accessibility and walkability

Summer’s Walk is known for its walkability compared to other areas. With its well-planned layout, residents can easily walk to nearby destinations, enhancing the overall accessibility and convenience of the neighborhood.

Overview of Summer’s Walk

General description of the neighborhood

Summer’s Walk is a highly desirable neighborhood within the Fisher’s Landing area. It has a charming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, with front porches and abundant trees that create a welcoming and cozy ambiance.

Features that make the neighborhood desirable

Several factors contribute to the desirability of Summer’s Walk. The neighborhood is known for its well-maintained green spaces and communal areas, creating a sense of community and fostering a close-knit neighborhood culture. The presence of sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly areas further adds to the appeal of the neighborhood, making it a safe and enjoyable environment for residents of all ages.

Presence of children’s play areas

Families with children will find Summer’s Walk particularly attractive, as the neighborhood offers various children’s play areas. Kids can be seen riding their bikes and playing outside during the summer, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Presence of communal spaces and greenery

One of the standout features of Summer’s Walk is the abundance of communal spaces and greenery. There are parks and open spaces scattered throughout the neighborhood, providing residents with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, socialize, and engage in recreational activities.

History and Development of Summer’s Walk

Year of construction

Summer’s Walk was constructed between 1995 and 1998. It is one of the larger subdivisions within the Fisher’s Landing area.

Style of houses in the neighborhood

The houses in Summer’s Walk predominantly reflect the architectural trends of the 1990s. The neighborhood consists of three and four-bedroom homes, with some houses having five bedrooms. The typical house size ranges from 1200 to 2200 square feet.

Evolution and expansion over the years

Since its construction, Summer’s Walk has maintained its charm and appeal. While there have been no major expansions or developments in recent years, the neighborhood has experienced a steady turnover of homes, indicating its continued popularity among homebuyers.

Architecture and Homes in Summer’s Walk

Description of the typical house style

The houses in Summer’s Walk feature traditional architectural styles commonly found in the 1990s. They often showcase elements such as gabled roofs, front porches, and a mix of siding materials.

Number of bedrooms in most houses

Most houses in Summer’s Walk are designed with three or four bedrooms, providing ample space for families and individuals alike. Some larger homes may have five bedrooms.

Presence of one-story and two-story homes

The neighborhood offers a variety of housing options, including both one-story and two-story homes. This diversity appeals to individuals with different preferences and needs.

Availability of garage spaces in homes

All houses in Summer’s Walk come equipped with two-car garages, providing residents with convenient parking and additional storage space.

Affordability and Real Estate

Current home sale prices

As of 2023, the home sale prices in Summer’s Walk range from the mid-400s to mid-500s. This price range is considered relatively affordable, especially when compared to other areas in east Vancouver and Fishers Landing.

Yearly turnover of homes

Approximately 25 to 30 homes sell in Summer’s Walk each year, indicating a turnover rate of around 6%. This turnover rate suggests that there is a moderate level of movement within the neighborhood’s real estate market.

Competitiveness in the real estate market

Summer’s Walk remains a competitive neighborhood in the real estate market, thanks to its desirable location, affordable prices, and appealing features. Buyers looking to relocate or move within the Vancouver, Camas, or Clark County area should consider exploring the available real estate opportunities in Summer’s Walk.

Community Life in Summer’s Walk

Family-friendliness of the area

Summer’s Walk is highly regarded for its family-friendly environment. The neighborhood’s design, with its play areas and safe streets, caters to the needs of families with children. Moreover, the presence of strong neighboring schools adds to the family-oriented atmosphere of the community.

Community events and gatherings

Residents of Summer’s Walk regularly participate in community events and gatherings. These events help foster a sense of belonging and create opportunities for neighbors to connect and build relationships.

Neighborhood lifestyle and culture

The neighborhood’s lifestyle and culture are shaped by its welcoming and tight-knit community. People often gather for casual conversations, walk their dogs, or simply enjoy the serene surroundings. The emphasis on community and neighborly interaction contributes to a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Schools and Education

Proximity to schools

Summer’s Walk is conveniently located in close proximity to various schools. The Evergreen Public School District serves the neighborhood, with an elementary school, middle school, and high school all located nearby.

School district details

The Evergreen Public School District is well-regarded for its commitment to education and the overall development of students. The district offers a range of academic and extracurricular programs, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education.

Reputation of local schools

The local schools near Summer’s Walk have established a positive reputation within the community. Parents appreciate the quality of education provided, along with the supportive and nurturing environment that fosters student success.

Parks and Recreation in Summer’s Walk

Close-up view of parks

Summer’s Walk benefits from having well-maintained and accessible parks within close proximity. These parks provide residents with opportunities for outdoor activities, relaxation, and socializing. The neighborhood’s commitment to green spaces adds to its overall appeal.

Activities and facilities available in parks

The parks in Summer’s Walk offer a range of amenities and facilities for recreational activities. Residents can enjoy playgrounds, open fields for sports, picnic areas, and walking trails. These features contribute to a vibrant and active community life.

Usage of parks by community members

The parks in Summer’s Walk are well-utilized by community members of all ages. Families often bring their children to the playgrounds, while individuals and groups engage in various activities such as walking, jogging, and sports. The parks serve as gathering places for neighbors to connect and enjoy the outdoors.

Getting Around in Summer’s Walk

Public transportation options

While Summer’s Walk does not have direct public transportation within the neighborhood, its convenient location allows residents to access nearby bus routes and transit options easily. Public transportation provides a viable alternative for commuting and exploring other areas.

Availability of bike lanes

Summer’s Walk is designed with bike-friendly features, including the availability of bike lanes. These lanes allow residents to safely and comfortably commute by bicycle, promoting healthier and eco-friendly transportation options.

Presence of roundabouts and car-friendly features

The neighborhood of Summer’s Walk incorporates roundabouts, which enhance traffic flow and safety. Additionally, the layout of the neighborhood prioritizes features that make it car-friendly, including well-planned roadways and two-car garages in every home.

Conclusion: Relocating to Summer’s Walk

Advantages of living in Summer’s Walk

Summer’s Walk offers numerous advantages for individuals and families looking to relocate. The neighborhood boasts a desirable location, a family-friendly environment, affordable real estate prices, and a strong sense of community. With its proximity to amenities, parks, and schools, Summer’s Walk provides residents with a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

How to get in touch if interested in moving

If you or someone you know is interested in moving to Summer’s Walk or within the Vancouver, Camas, or Clark County area, you can reach out to the Divine Realty Group. Text or email Hannah Dubyne at the provided contact information for more details and assistance with your real estate needs.

A final invite to explore the Summer’s Walk neighborhood

In conclusion, Summer’s Walk is a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood within Fisher’s Landing. Its desirable location, charming homes, community-oriented atmosphere, and access to amenities make it an ideal place to live. We invite you to explore Summer’s Walk and discover the unique appeal and benefits of this wonderful community for yourself.

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